Food distribution workers strike for $2.50 per hour pay rise

Ninety Auckland Foodstuffs distribution workers began indefinite lunch-time strikes for a $2.50 partial pay parity pay rise starting today, 12 o’clock at 60 Roma Rd, Mount Roskill Auckland.

Great picket today - we had the NDU bus there and lots of pretty flags. One of the placards said "we put the pak into pak n slave". For me the most encouraging thing was seeing the workers gain the confidence to take the megaphones from the officials and start taking ownership of the picket themselves. The response to the chant of 'whatta we want' was 'union power'!

We held the picket on the Roma Road corner - there is more traffic, and it is right outside the Gilmours distribution centre which is 100% owned by foodstuffs. The Gilmours workers are only on $12.25 for the same job despite working for Foodstuffs - it will be their turn to negotiate next. The Foodstuffs workers will be there again tomorrow - and probably till the end of the week.

If anyone is able to make it down to the picket line I am sure the workers would appreciate the support.

More information about the reasons for the strike HERE.


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