Socialist Aotearoa would like to get your support for a letter extending solidarity with the Junior doctor's strike in the face of attacks from both the Labour Goverment AND the President of the CTU, Helen Kelly. Kelly's statement is reproduced at the following link-

We will send the letter to the Junior doctor's union, the NZRDA, to the CTU and to the media. It is vital that the principles of solidarity with striking workers are defended, and that if anything, these workers give unions a good name.


We would like to extend our solidarity to our hard working junior doctors, whose organisation, the New Zealand Resident Doctors' Association, finds itself attacked by the representative of the Council of Trade Unions for giving "unions a bad name" in the media.

It is our belief that the job of unions is to represent their members, and not the ruling political party of the day. In that, the NZRDA is to be congratulated for standing up for its workers rights, and it is the CTU leadership that needs a lesson in giving the union movement a good name by supporting rather that attacking those who are in struggle.


John Minto, Editor of Workers Charter, Unite Workers Union (pc)
Simon Ooosterman, Union Organiser, Social Justice activist
Elliot Blade, University of Auckland Greens on Campus
Joe Carolan, Socialist Aotearoa

Meredydd Barrar, Citizens Against Privatisation
Kathryn Tucker, Unite Union Waikato/Bay of Plenty, Socialist Aotearoa
Tom Buckley, Union Organiser, Socialist Aotearoa
Luke Coxon, Union Organiser
Oisin O Connell, Worker, Socialist Aotearoa
Danielle Cullen, Worker, FINSEC member
Richie Steward, Personal Capacity
Nico Woodward, Nurse, Socialist Aotearoa
Gary Cranston, Worker
Heather Lyall, Mother

please email to add your name, organisation
(if in a private capacity, please say) etc.


Kevin said…
I found it terrible that the CTU president would condem workers for striking. What happened to worker solidarity - aren't unions meant to typify that?

Good on you for supporting them when even the CTU will not.

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