Solidarity with West Papua

Ongoing Protest at the sale of furniture made from rainforest “kwila” from West Papua

Indonesia Human Rights Committee and supporters conducted a further “Don’t Buy Kwila” demonstration close to the Design Warehouse at 136 Fanshawe St, Auckland City 12 Noon Saturday 24 May. Other demonstrations have taken place in South Auckland at the Four Seasons and Harvey Normans shops. While some retailers are now turning away from kwila to other woods with independent certification of legality, this is not the case for the Design Warehouse.

The participants used street theatre to highlight the devastating impact of the rainforest destruction and illegal logging on communities in West Papua . Tribal people are losing the traditional land and the forests that they depend on for their livelihood. Globally deforestation accounts for some 20% of greenhouse gas emissions.

This demonstration is timely because:

* The Ministries of Forestry and Trade are about to announce a new policy on illegal logging

* IHRC and Pax Christi are about to host a prominent Papuan Community leader and forestry expert Septer Manufandu ( CEO of Foker , Coalition of 64 NGOs) His Auckland Public meeting is on Tuesday June 3 at 7-30 pm Saint Columba Centre

* The Indonesian authorities are continuing to promote West Papua as the location for palm oil plantations – this will inevitably lead to increased deforestation.

Please refer to the Forest Friendly Furniture Guide:

For further information: Maire Leadbeater

09-815-9000 or 0274-436-957


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