FRiDAY the 13th- Unlucky for Cinema Bosses!

Friday Night was Fight Night as over a dozen workers from SkyCity Cinema in St Lukes Shopping Mall downed their popcorn scoops and walked out the front door, joining one of the most boisterous and celebratory picket lines seen in Auckland since the heady days of the SupersizeMyPay.Com campaign. Young Maori, Pasifika, Asian and Pakeha workers flew the flag and held their placards high, enlisting hundreds of honks of support from heavy traffic passing by. They were joined on the picket lines by members of Socialist Aotearoa and the Workers Party, as well as Unite Union's Matt McCarten and the NDU's Laile Harre.

A sour point to the night was reached when Westfield management enlisted the support of two young, heavily tattoed cops, to try and serve a trespass order on the Site Organiser Jared Phillips. The management felt that workers were not allowed to exercise their freedom of speech in the privatised social space of St Luke's Mall, and attempted to argue that chanting inside was illegal. Unite Union will be heavily contesting this claim, and hundreds of activists in Auckland stand ready to challenge Westfield if they try and deny young workers their democratic union rights in the next few weeks of the Popcorn Strike campaign.

The Cinema Workers strikes are an example to low paid workers everywhere to unionise, stand up with your mates and fight for better pay! Socialist Aotearoa will be txting supporters about the next lightning strikes- if you want to get to the picket line, txt
Tom at 0294455703


Yes! It was just like the old days of supersize! It was fantastic! It was roudy! I want to congratulate the workers on their strength to stand up to the boss! thay deserve more and I really hope they get more. Altthough I would like to see them aim higher, 12.20 is not enough for a start rate. any way, congratulations to the young workers. KIA KAHA.

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