Unite Union is asking cinema patrons to boycott the confectionary sold at cinemas in support of what the union calls a “popcorn strike” until their members are able to get a better pay offer from the Cinema employers.

Unite union members in the SkyCity Cinema chain have overwhelmingly rejected their employer’s final offer made in this year’s round of bargaining. “The so-called ‘offer’ was no more than the legal minimum wage for a majority of workers” said Unite National Director Mike Treen.

“If the offer was accepted cinema workers would be paid significantly less than those in the fast-food industry who are also represented by our union.

“Cinema attendants are asking for a very modest pay rise with more secure hours of work. All the company has offered these staff is a discounts on parlor ice cream!” said Mr Treen.

Mechelle Warlich, Unite delegate at Skycity’s
Henderson complex said, “the company’s offer is laughable. The supervisors would lose their relativity against the minimum wage and the cinema attendants would get no service-pay, no matter how long they have been employed – so much for loyalty”.

Under the banner “Un-sexy Pay in the City” her site will be taking action at
6pm tonight, with attendants striking and asking movie-goers to boycott drinks and the candy bar. This strike represents the beginning of a campaign to lift the pay and conditions across all the cinema chains.


  • Tom Buckley is Unite Unions’s national cinema organiser, he can be contacted for comment on 0294455703.


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