Protest- No welcome for Condi Rice in Auckland!

US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is arriving in Auckland this
Friday night and will be having meetings in Auckland on Saturday with
Winston Peters, Helen Clarke and John Keys among other friends. A
protest will be held to tell her that she is NOT welcome here.

She provides the soft public face for a host of aggressive, immoral
policies to expand the US empire. For example she has fronted policies
resulting in the death of one million Iraqi civilians in return for US
control of Iraq's oil resources. She should be indicted for war crimes.

* When: 1.30pm Saturday 26th July (this Saturday)
* Where: Meet at the corner of Carlton Gore Road and Parks Road
(Auckland Domain)
* What: Rally and march to Government House, Mountain Road to give
Rice a VERY cold welcome
* Bring noise makers, banners and placards

Rice's Itinerary:
Friday 25/7, 10:45pm - Arrives in Auckland
Saturday 26/7, 11am - Powhiri at Government House followed by meetings
with Winston Peters and Helen Clark. Finishes with a 3pm Press Conference
3:15pm Leaves Government House for a 3:30pm meeting with John Keys at
Langham Hotel, corner Symonds Street and K'rd
5-7pm NZ/US Council Meeting at War Memorial Museum


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