ANZ National staff to go on strike from 8.30am Friday 22 August

Finsec union members across ANZ National bank will be holding strike meetings tomorrow, Friday August 22, to determine the next steps in their campaign for wage justice and fairer sales targets.

“Despite making over a billion dollars profit the bank has reneged on its pledge to offer above inflation wage increases and is burying its head in the sand over targets. Staff and customers don’t want unethical sales targets and the banks refusal to even look into this matter is a slap in the face to both groups,” said ANZ National worker representative Cathie Lendrum.

“Union members say it is time ANZ National behaved like any decent business and showed appropriate respect for its staff and customers. I think New Zealanders expect more from our largest corporate citizens,” said Lendrum.

“These strike meetings are an opportunity for union members to determine what it will take to achieve a fair deal from the bank given that it is refusing to budge at all from its offer of a 4% pay rise which is less than the rate of inflation,” said Andrew Campbell, Finsec Campaigns Director.

“There is a significant personal and financial cost to union members whenever they seek justice for customers and themselves. These meetings will determine how far we can push to get a fair offer,” said

“I guess it shows ANZ National really is putting profit ahead of its staff and customers,” said


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