Unions, Strikes and Socialism
Socialist Aotearoa Workshop

Huge price increases in food and petrol.
Dark clouds of recession on the horizon.
High tax and low wages.
Corporate greed and useless political parties.

Come meet union organisers, delegates and ordinary workers who are sick of this state of affairs. There's been a flurry of strikes in recent weeks in all sorts of places that have got organised and decided to do something about it. There's also many new kinds of job being organised who need your support.

INvite your friends and workmates to this workshop organised by Socialist Aotearoa.
Txt Joe at 021 186 1450 if you need directions or more info! Email solidarityjoe@yahoo.com

Unions, Strikes and Socialism

with speakers from recent strikes and union drives in
Casinos, Cinemas, Call Centres,
Banks and Language Schools
  • Algie Lecture Theatre (Rm 801-209), Faculty of Law
  • Thursday Aug 28 2008 7:30-9.00pm

For a Rank and File network within the Trade Union movement.

The working class movement is the force we believe will change the world. As demonstrated by countless general strikes and revolutions throughout the decades, it has the power to shut down the system and replace it with a better world based on sharing and direct democracy. As such, Socialist Aotearoa members are active in our unions as volunteers, members, delegates and organisers.

We are with the Union leaders when they fight, but believe that union bureaucracy acts as a negotiating layer between the workers and the bosses. IN order to counteract the influence of the Labour Party's union bosses , rank and file union members and delegates must organise a cross-union, cross-industry network of solidarity and struggle.

ratified by the Socialist Aotearoa Foundation Hui,
May 10th 2008


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