Lunch with Robert Fisk - this Tuesday

An opportunity to hear and talk with Britain's most decorated
- and perceptive - foreign correspondent.

Light lunch and refreshments.
1-2pm, Tuesday, September 9
WE230, Gate 4, Governor Fitzroy Place
(Below TV rooms in Art and Design Building)

The Great War For Civilisation – The Conquest of the Middle East
Robert Fisk

Journalist Robert Fisk has been based in the Middle East for the last 25 years, reporting from the world’s worst troublespots. This is his first-person account of 50 years of bloodshed and tragedy in the area, from the Israeli oppression of the Palestinians to the shock and awe of the current war against Iraq.

Fisk tells the story of the growing hatred of the West by millions of Muslims, the West’s cynical support for the Middle East’s most ruthless dictators and America’s ever more powerful military presence in the world’s most dangerous lands, as well as its uncritical, unconditional support for Israel’s occupation of Palestinian land.

Hosted by the Pacific Media Centre/
School of Communication Studies
AUT University, Wellesley Campus
In partnership with Amnesty International
Details on attached flyer.
PMC events update page:

Pacific Media Centre
Te Amokura
Creative Industries Research Institute
School of Communication Studies
AUT University
Te Wananga Aronui o Tamaki Makau Rau
Private Bag 92006
Auckland 1142
Aotearoa/New Zealand
WT002, Ground Floor
Rutland St Entrance
AUT Tower
Tel: (+64 9) 921 9388


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