McDonald's workers strike for fairness from coffee bean to coffee cup!

Kia ora
Throughout the month of October the Unite Union, which represents a 1000 low-paid McDonald's employees will be campaigning for living wages for workers and for REAL fair trade coffee to be sold in McCafes. This is part of our ongoing organising effort to ensure that workers for some of the world's largest corporations receive living wages and that these corporations reduce their environmental impact and help build sustainable and fair relationships with producers in developing nations.

As part of this campaign we are asking for organisations and individuals to support our campaign in McDonald's for fairness from coffee bean to coffee cup. You can support this campaign by encouraging members of your organisation to come along to the rally for living wages and fair trade on Friday (10/10) morning at 8.30am or sending us a message of support we can use in our promotional material.

Your support will mean a lot in this historic campaign to act locally and act globally for restaurants that treat workers and farmers fairly. Fair trade will be just the beginning!

Unite for living wages and fair trade!
Rally and protest,
Where: Meet outside McDonald's Queen Street.

When: 8.30am, Friday October 10th.

Yours in solidarity,

Tom Buckley,
McDonald's campaign coordinator.

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6a Western Springs Rd


MOB (029)445-5703

DDI (09)846-9461

FAX (09846-5624


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