AS CAPITALISM CRASHES< THE RESISTANCE GATHERS! Rally Against Low Pay- $15 per hour minimum wage now!

Please Print Out, Copy and Put up!
The weekend before the election, join the rally for a decent minimum wage- $15ph NOW!

For posters and leaflets, contact Joe at 021 1861450

RALLY AGAINST LOW PAY- $15 per hour minimum wage now!

As Capitalism crashes, the resistance gathers...
Event Info

Time and Place
01 November 2008
14:00 - 17:00
Aotea Square
Queen Street
Auckland, New Zealand


The Gathering Storm.

In recent months, low paid people have taken strike action in casinos, banks, fastfood outlets, supermarkets and on the busses. Low pay is crippling a generation of workers who are now expected to bear the brunt of a vicious global recession.

It's time the resistance gathered.

We're not going to pay for their crisis.
We're not going to endure low pay anymore.
A new generation is going to resist the Global Recession and fight the greedy rich and their corporations.

Join the Rally Against Low Pay, and if the numbers are there, join us on an anti capitalist tour of Auckland's meanest bosses and their lackeys.

It's time to fight back as a class!


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