Solidarity with McDonalds workers needed

Kia Ora,

Over 1200 union members employed at McDonald’s have been taking strike action to win a national collective agreement and equal pay with other fast food restaurants. Negotiations between Unite and MCDonald’s broke down after the company failed to meet their own deadline in mid September.

McDonald’s pays only 25 cents per hour above the minimum wage to experienced crew and only $1.50 above the minimum managers. McDonald’s General Manager, Mark Hawthorne, claims that $12.00 per hour is an acceptable living wage. Over 50% of McDonald’s 7500 staff are paid the minimum wage and no waged staff have secure hours. Union members have repeatedly faced anti-union tactics from managers and owners.

Unite is asking for unionists and activists who support the struggle of these workers to submit a message of support and solidarity, which will be sent out to the members.

Yours Truly,

Tom Buckley
Unite Organiser
6a Western Springs Rd
MOB (029)445-5703
DDI (09)846-9461
FAX (09846-5624


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