Solidarity with Socialists attacked in Malaysia

Socialist Aotearoa (NZ) ingin menunjukkan semangat solidariti bersama perjuangan saudara-saudari sosialis di PSM dalam menentangi pihak pemerintah yang fasis dan berserta dengan golongan pekerja di Malaysia dalam pangillan untuk keadilan, kebebasan dan suara demokrasi. Saudara-saudari, kia kaha.

Socialist Aotearoa (NZ) stand in solidarity with the Socialist Party of Malaysia in the working class struggle against the ruling elite and the fight for justice, freedom and democracy. Comrades, kia kaha (stand strong).

Sungai Siput parliamentarian Dr D Jeyakumar’s car was partially damaged in a suspected act of arson early this morning in his constituency.
When contacted, the Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM) leader accused his rivals in MIC of being responsible for this.
In the March 8 general election, Jeyakumar had defeated MIC president S Samy Vellu in the parliamentary constituency in Perak, which the latter had controlled for more than three decades.
The PSM leader said he believes that the same group that had set fire to his Volkswagen Beetle was also behind the harassment of his party members in the area.
The harassment, he added, has been happening for more than eight years.
Commenting on the incident which happened around 1am, Jeyakumar said: “(Some) neighbours saw four young males breaking the window of my car, and torching it. The interior of my car is badly burnt.”
Jeyakumar explained that it all started three days ago when a female party member was alone at the party office, when a group of drunken males in their early 20s came in.
“She told me that the group had asked for money and when she refused, they threatened to whack her,” Jeyakumar said.
The PSM leader said he then lodged a police report, which was followed by the arrest of three of the group members.
“I believe it was after I had lodged the police report that others from the group were angered and set fire to my car,” Jeyakumar said, added that another police report has been lodged.
He said he would leave it to the police to investigate the matter and that PSM activists in Sungai Siput will continue to do their job and not be deterred by intended intimidation.

According to Jeyakumar, PSM has been providing social services and empowerment programmes in the Sungai Siput constituency for more then three decades.
However, PSM activists have claimed that their work has been affected by incidents of physical and psychological harassment by groups they claimed to be affiliated to MIC.
Despite lodging numerous police reports, Jeyakumar said no action has been taken against them until three days ago.


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