New Zealand Elections 2008- Party Vote results

The National Party has won the general election, ending nine years of Labour Party reign under Prime Minister Helen Clark.

National's leader, John Key, will form a coalition government with the ACT Party and it will hold a clear majority in Parliament.

The results give National 59 seats and ACT 5. United Future leader Peter Dunne adds one seat, making a total of 65.

Labour has 43 seats, the Greens eight, and they are joined by Progressive Party leader Jim Anderton for a total of 52.

The Maori Party holds five of the seven Maori seats but does not hold the balance of power in Parliament.

It is expected to reach a support agreement with National and support the new government on confidence votes.

Miss Clark called Mr Key at 11pm to concede defeat.

New Zealand First did not reach the 5 percent it needed to hold seats in Parliament, and leader Winston Peters' long political career is almost certainly over.

Labour has lost seven of the seats it held in the last Parliament and National has gained 11.

National Party951,145 45.45411859
Labour Party706,666 33.77212243
Green Party134,622 6.43088
ACT New Zealand77,843 3.72145
Mäori Party46,894 2.24505
Jim Anderton's Progressive19,536 0.93101
United Future18,629 0.89101
New Zealand First Party88,072 4.21000
Kiwi Party11,659 0.56000
The Bill and Ben Party10,738 0.51000
Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party7,589 0.36000
New Zealand Pacific Party6,991 0.33000
Family Party6,973 0.33000
Alliance1,721 0.08000
Democrats for Social Credit1,112 0.05000
Libertarianz1,070 0.05000
Workers Party824 0.04000
RAM - Residents Action Movement405 0.02000
The Republic of New Zealand Party298 0.01000


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