RESISTING THE NAT-ACT JUNTA- What is to be done?

The mobile's been hopping all day with texts from activists and disillusioned union members- all looking for a post electoral strategy. When the Soft Left was in power, many people saw us socialists as a moral conscience, out fighting the brave fight that might push things a little further to the left- like the $12 an hr minimum wage and youth rates campaign.

But now the Soft Left is in disarray- people are actually looking for some bravery and firm ideas. Who's going to take the battle to Key and Hide? And a lot of rank and file members are calling for a harder fightback than they got from the weak reformist electoral leaders- there is a huge potential anger in a lot of the young Greens, Labour and working class Maori Party voters.
What;s going to happen?

First, strength and bravery from the Radical Left. We will be getting our shit together and uniting at a rapid speed of knots in the next few weeks.

Two, massive attacks on our rights and conditions as NAT-ACT implement the Shock Doctrine.

Three, resist or perish.

Shock doctrine? What do you mean?

How does that apply to NZ?

The International Financial Crisis applies everywhere- in Ireland they're sacking teachers, cutting health care to the over 70s, introducing fees for 3rd Level.When it hits, this Crisis is gonna rip thru NZ and the poor are going to be hammered by NAT-ACT -we're going to need hardcore fighters for the next 3 years of shit.

We need to hit the ground running this week, preparing the network of struggle in the universities, unions and communities.

We start this week by uniting the radical left around the slogan-

"We won't pay for their Crisis"

Hold a major conference with international speakers on the theme in Feb/March and get ready to amp up the street politics with protests at every cutback and attack- recruit an army of those who want to resist this new right wing government.

Yeah, that sounds good. But need a proper solution to the problem too.

The problem pretty soon is going to be mass unemployment, huge cutbacks and attacks on our rights- the proper solution is to resist.

Resist and then what?

The world is entering a new economic period- similar to the 1930s: Mass unemployment, maybe even the collapse of world trade- People wont just be thinking of electing a nice government anymore.

Many will turn to the racist right and many can turn to the radical, even revolutionary left. The problem is Capitalism itself

-what we need now is a combative, homegrown Anti Capitalist movement.

And it starts from tonight.


Ready to resist the Tory-ACT government, starting Monday?


Emergency Hui in Auckland on Weds- txt 021 1861450

or email if you're ready to fight.


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