Auckland: no more Kwila protest against 4 seasons

Demonstrate Saturday against the sale of Kwila at the Four Seasons furniture outlet in Wairau Park.

After winning at Design Warehouse the campaign group will now focus on Four Seasons, with a demonstration outside their showroom this Saturday 20th December between 1pm and 3pm.

Solidarity with indigneous people struggling against murderous logging corporations who want to destroy the forest homes of the West Papuan tribes can only be manifested by making it uneconomic to stock Kwila. If logging at current rates continues, Kwila will be extinct in 35 years...

When: 1pm-3pm, 20 December 2008.
Where: 4 Seasons, 1/14 Link Drive, Wairau Park, Auckland.
Who: Rainforest Action Coalition
Contact: Transport will be going from Auckland city, email the above address to get a ride. For more info or to get involved.

This summer a rag-tag bunch of activists will attempt to impose a people's ban on the selling of Kwila in Auckland City, a mostly illegally logged rainforest hardwood sold across the Western world as outdoor furniture or decking timber. More info:

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Indonesia is New Zealand's biggest source of tropical timber imports. Indonesia's forests are being logged faster than any other forested nation and globally deforestation contributes approximately 20 per cent of global greenhouse gas emissions, it is through this deforestation that Indonesia and Brazil are 3rd and 4th respectively as the world's biggest greenhouse gas emitters.

in the spirit of the Papuan anti-colonial and ecological resistance - NO MORE KWILA


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