The Centrist Honeymoon is over- National Government Attacks Begin.

The honeymoon is over.

On the first day of parliament, John Key's new National Government announced it would ram through legislation before Christmas enabling employers to Hire and Fire workers at will during their first 90 days of employment. Over 100,000 workers at any time will be affected by the new bill, which will be pushed through parliament under urgency.

Those who argue that this government is centrist are providing a saccharin coating for the bitter pills a coming. Supporters of the Maori party within the union movement in particular face a major test of loyalty- to their new NAT-ACT coalition partners or to their fellow workers. The sheep's clothing is coming off the wolf, and workers need to be ready to respond to these attacks on our rights as soon as possible.

That's why Socialist Aotearoa has convened the "We won't pay for their Crisis" meeting at 7pm on Thursday night in Auckland's Trades Hall. We'll be joined by John Minto from Unite union and Catherine Delahunty, the new Green MP. We have also invited our comrades from the Workers Party, the Auckland Anarchist Network, RAM, the NDU and the EPMU to come and speak. W e appeal to you to make the effort and get there with your mates.

It's vital that the fighting left unites and gets politics out onto the streets and into the workplaces to defend our rights during what John Key called today "the worst financial crisis since the great Depression of the 1930s." The day before he was elected, Socialist Aotearoa heckled John Key on a photo-op walkaround in Auckland. The one question we kept asking him, was "who will pay for the Crisis, John? The bankers, or the workers?"

Now we've got our answer.

Fight the 90 Day Bill.

We Won't Pay for Their Crisis
Public Meeting convened by Socialist Aotearoa
with John Minto, Unite Union
Catherine Delahunty, MP Green Party
Frank Doleman, Socialist Aotearoa
and a wide representation of Auckland's fighting left.

7pm Thursday Dec 11th
Auckland Trades Hall,
147 GreatNorth Road
Grey Lynn
021 1861450


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