Masport Foundries workers on Strike!

Masport Foundries workers on STRIKE!

Join the picket in solidarity*

Masport Foundries Ltd workers endorsed industrial action with a clear&decisive 90%+ vote at the "all up" meeting this morning. Workers are represented by both EPMU and MMC unions, under the Masport Collective CEA contract. A week ago they voted to reject a 3% pay rise offer and cuts to allowances. Masport Foundries had a productive, good financial year and are currently passing on the benefits of reduced materials cost to some customers.

The employer has been attempting to undermine the Masport CEA for some time. There has been repeated breach of the 30-day law, and refusal of CEA coverage when these workers join the union! Currently under negotiation is an extension of the coverage clause to include ALL union members involved in production ie technicians. Gordon Thompson EPMU delegate stated "Its about respect. Its about holding your head high. There's honour in fighting."

After dispensation was given to pour off the 6T of high chrome iron (for safety&integrity of the furnaces), Masport Foundries workers walked off the job on indefinate strike action.

*Join the picket in solidarity!
The picket will be manned fom Thurs 4th 6:30am-5pm, and again Mon-Thurs till further notice. Overnight pickets are yet to be discussed. Join us on the picket line in a united union&public show of solidarity when the General Manager returns from Australia:

8-10:00am Monday December 8th37 Mt Wellington HighwayPanmure
(buses and trains go to Panmure&there's plenty of parking at Mitre10 or Briscoes)

Gordon Thompson EPMU delegate&Eugene Setu EPMU organiser 0275413630
Raymond Haretuku MMC delegate&Ray Mavor MMC organiser 094245514


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