Unite Union- Fighting the 90 Days No Work RIghts Law

6pm Thursday, Dec 18, Unite Office, 6a Western Springs Rd, Morningside

Campaign for Workers Rights in 09: Unite Union is calling a meeting for union activists and supporters of workers’ rights to come to an emergency meeting to start planning action for 09. The 90-day No rights Law and need to continue pushing for the minimum wage to go to $15 an hour are signals of the need for a coordinated effort. Many of the workers covered by the 90-day law will have no formal union representation but will need support.

Mike Treen

National Director, Unite Union
Organiser, Postal Workers Union Aotearoa

Unite Organising Centre

6a Western Springs Rd,

Morningside, Auckland, 1021

Ph: DD - 64 9 846 9485

Mobile - 64 29 525 4744

Ph: Office - 64 9 845 2132; Fax - 64 9 846 9509


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