We Won't Pay for Your Crisis- public meeting THURSDAY 11th December 7pm, Auckland Trades Hall

Uniting the Left- Building the Resistance

New Zealand is heading for recession. Our jobs, wages, homes, pensions, benefits and public services are all under threat. We did not cause this. It was the financial elite of wealthy bankers, investors and speculators who have put us in this situation, yet they expect us to pay for their crisis. Already we have seen job losses, cuts in services and price rises.

Socialist Aotearoa has invited a broad range of speakers; trade unionists, socialists, environmentalists, community groups, and interested individuals, to begin the debate on how to unite the left against the effects of the global financial crisis.

John Minto, UNITE Workers Union
Sue Bradford, Green Party
Frank Doleman, Socialist Aotearoa

and other concerned socialists, environmentalists, community activists and individuals

For more info, contact Joe Carolan at 021 1861450, solidarityjoe@yahoo.com
Join the Facebook Event Group HERE

Socialist Aotearoa

11 December 2008
19:00 - 21:00
Auckland Trade Hall,
147 Great North Road
Auckland, New Zealand


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