Socialists in Auckland are organising a candlelit vigil to remember the dead of the wars in Palestine, Afghanistan and Iraq, in the final hours of the Presidency of George W. Bush. Organiser and Socialist Aotearoa blog editor, Joe Carolan, said-

"People will be gathering outside the US Consulate this Tuesday night at 8pm to mark the end of George Bush's Reign of Terror, a Presidency that leaves America nearly bankrupt, hated for its wars across the world, with the blood of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis, Afghans and Palestinians on its hands."

"His neoliberal economic policies leave capitalism on the edge of collapse, as the worst economic crisis to face the globe since the Great Depression sees millions of people lose their jobs. His foreign policies and wars leave America regarded as an Evil Empire, an imperialist bully that rules through military might"

"We have little faith in Obama- he has pledged to stand by a blood soaked Israel and his war will be Afghanistan. He will continue to throw good money after bad at a financial crisis that cannot be solved unless the economic system is transformed fundamentally. That is why may people are going further tot he Left and socialist ideas are on the rise again."

"But his election does show there is a huge mood for change in America- against the racism, war and greed that typified the Bush era"

"So we will be joined by ordinary Americans, who will stand in solidarity with speakers from Palestine, Iraq and Afghanistan, in celebrating the end of this Presidency, surely the worst in American history so far."

The candlelit vigil will also have poems,songs and music to remember the dead of the wars Bush launched.

J20- Candlelight Vigil Outside US Consulate, Auckland
to remember the victims of the Bush Regime and its wars

8pm till 10pm- Tuesday 20 January 2009
US Consulate, Customs Street, Downtown Auckland

Contact InfoPhone: 0211861450
On the last day of Bush's reign of Terror, we gather outside the US Consulate in Auckland to remember the victims of his wars and occupations, and stand in solidarity with the people of Afghanistan, Iraq and Palestine.

Poetry, song and art of resistance.
Bring candles, shoes, flags and friends. Please invite all your friends and spread the word.


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