Fighting the 90 Day Fire at Will Law

The next planning meeting for the 90 Day Fire at Will law action is:

6pm, Thursday 15 January
Unite Union
6A Western Springs Road, Morningside

Come along, bring your friends, and your ideas. At the last meeting, we agreed to call a huge demo for Sat 28 Feb, just before the law is due to come into force, and to leaflet all of the markets around Auckland, with the giant inflatable rat to help to publicise the action and to let workers know that we'll stand with them against any rat bosses who try to implement the law.

As people begin to return to work, and the economic crisis begins to bite, it's really important that we don't let the government off the hook on this fundamental attack on workers' rights.

Hope to see you on Thursday.


eshamo2009 said…
I hope the protestor will put a stop to that "At Will" law. In the United States 42 of the 50 state adopted the "At Will" and I truly feel as though they should get rid of that law.

If they pass the At Will law then your employer can fire you just because they dislike you.

I wish you luck on the protest.

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