in our thousands and our millions- WE ARE ALL PALESTINIANS!

TV3 news video of Auckland protest HERE
TVNZ article and Video coverage HERE
Fighting outside Israeli Embassy in London HERE
5000 march through Belfast City, Ireland HERE
Direct action- Raytheon missile factory blockaded in DERRY
NEW! Independent Video of the Demo from MEDIA REVOLUTION NEWS

pictures- thanks to Jen, Saurav and Rana G, powerful images!

Over one thousand people took over the city centre of Auckland in a mass die in on Queen Street, furious at the Israeli Massacre of the people of Gaza. The biggest march for justice in Palestine in the history of New Zealand, it also saw a powerful unity between Aotearoa's Muslim and Arab community and the radical Left. A barrage of hundreds of shoes rained unto a bannerless American Consulate to the chant of "Hey, Hey, USA- where's your bloody flag today?"

Over 100,000 people marched in London, surrounding the Israeli embassy where riot cops batoned and cavalry charged the crowd. In Ireland, thousands took to the streets of Belfast and Dublin, whilst in Derry the missile factory Raytheon was blockaded. Tens of thousands also marched in Paris, on the streets of Turkey, Lebanon, Greece, Italy, the USA and Egypt. The deeply unpopular Egyptian government hovers on the edge of a mass uprising, its brutality to its own striking workers and poor now compounded by its complicity in the Israeli assault in Gaza.

Socialist Aotearoa hopes there is a revolution in Egypt, which unlocks the power of the working class in the that country that numbers in the tens of millions. A revolution in Egypt will see direct material assistance to the Gazan ghetto, and open the Southern front with the racist Israeli state. We wish our comrades in the Revolutionary Socialists of Egypt and Kafiya strength and solidarity in the present time.

Socialist Aotearoa also resolves to take direct action against the Rakon plant in Auckland, inspired by the blockade of the Raytheon plant in Derry. It is time that we put our bodies on the gears of the war machine- the crystal oscillators for guided weapons used in Gaza were manufactured here, in Mount Wellington. We invite other groups in the movement to help organise the blockade of Rakon with us to send a clear message that NZ complicity in Israeli war crimes will not be tolerated.

In our thousands and our millions
We are all Palestinians

Chanters Man of the match

Mass die in on Queen Street completly shuts down Auckland's CBD

Ready, Aim....


Unknown said…
awsome pics,awsome story. Keep it up!
Ana said…
Chur Mean As Aotearoa
Colin F said…
Congratulations on a superb job. Here in Paris there was a magnificent demo of up to 100 000 people.

It's probably true to say that unity between Muslims and the Left is more of an issue here, due to the French Left's obsession with 'secularism'. The Muslim contingents on the march were far more lively and angrier than those of the traditional working-class organisations (far Left included).

You'll find pictures on my blog : http://le-poireau-rouge.blogspot;com plus lots of other coverage (in English as well as French)

Keep up the good work.
Great coverage comrades. Did u see my little video of the cute kid leading the chant: in our thousands, in our millions, we are all Palestinians? aaah...

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