Shut Down Rakon: Merchants of Murder

Bombs destroying Gaza, Iraq and Afghanistan Made from NZ Components


17 January 2009
15:00 - 16:30
Assemble Outside Sylvia Park Shopping Centre
Mt Wellington Highway
Contact Info


Rakon Industries in Mt Wellington will be targeted in a protest this Saturday against the massacre of Palestinian civilians.

Rakon provides crystal oscillators for targeted bombs used by the Israeli air force in their attacks on Gaza. The Rakon parts are supplied to the US which provides the bombs directly to the Israeli military.

The protest will meet at 3pm on Mt Wellington Highway outside the Sylvia Park carpark for a march to the company.

In 2006 Rakon proudly asserted its intention to dominate the “lucrative and expanded guided munitions and military positioning market” within the next 5 years. They listed their military products as including “Mainstream TXCO’s (crystal oscillators) for inclusion in smart bombs…G-hardened crystals for use in smart shells…”

When Rakon’s role was exposed two years ago the company fudged saying it has not designed products specifically for military applications and doesn’t necessarily know how they are used. Given what the company has already acknowledged this is not credible. The company has previously hosted the US Ambassador and high ranking officials of the US Air Force with 2006 media reports showing 21% of their sales were to the military and aerospace customers.

GPJA protested against Rakon in 2006 when guided bombs were used to destroy the Lebanese village of Qana, killing 60 civilians, and a United Nations outpost, killing 4 UN Peacekeepers.

Rakon have been supplying these sophisticated crystal oscillators for these weapons of mass murder for 12 years and are now contributing directly to the carnage being inflicted against Palestinians trapped in Gaza.

It is unconscionable that a New Zealand company would collude in the production of weapons being used to heap devastation and suffering on the people of the Middle East.


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