Recruiting for the RAT PATROL

From March '09 workers in small businesses will be able to be sacked for any reason, or no reason at all, in their first 90 days of employment.

The RAT PATROL has been launched by unions and community groups to make sure no worker get unfairly dismissed under the new law.

Join the RAT Patrol tour of Auckland Malls and Markets:

Meet: Saturday, February 28, 12 noon, Aotea Square, CBD

Register as a RAT PATROL member to join the emergency solidarity pickets against unfair sackings. Our goal is to have several hundred people registered as willing and able to respond to appeals for help on short notice. Register with your email address and send us your mobile number for text messages.

Nicola writes-

We had a fun but wet day out with the RAT PATROL at Mangere Market on
Saturday. This weekend there are a few activities planned, but it's
essential that you let us know which ones you will come to in advance,
so please contact us at

Saturday 21 Feb - Otara market meet 9am at Unite office, or 10am at Otara market

Sat 21st Feb - Rock in the Park, Three Kings Reserve, off Mt Eden Road
(Albert Road end) from 2pm

Sun 22 Feb - Avondale Market - meet 9am at Unite Office or 10 at the market.

Monday 23 Feb, 6pm Unite office 6A Western Springs Road, planning meeting

You MUST reply to this email or text me 0210 358 513 to confirm
meeting places - Otara will definitely go ahead, but the other stalls
are dependent on the number of people who agree to help out.

The leaflet and sign up sheets are attached - you can use them
anywhere, so sign up your friends and workmates, and send the names
back in so we can keep building the RAT PATROL

Remember to sign up for the Rat Patrol on the Unite website - and pass
this link on to everyone you know:

Hope to see you this weekend.



Rich said…
Is this happening in Wellington as well?

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