Fundraiser in Solidarity with Locked Out Synovate Workers- Matewan screening this Thursday 8pm

Solidarity- Film Fundraiser for Locked Out Synovate Workers

Matewan- the greatest union movie ever made, to raise money for the Call Cntre workers
Thursday, April 16, 2009
8:00pm - 11:00pm
Tom Fordes Bar
122 Anzac Avenue
Auckland, New Zealand



"Matewan is a heartfelt, straight-ahead tale of labor organizing in the coal mines of West Virginia in 1920 that runs its course like a train coming down the track. Among the memorable characters is Joe Kenehan (Chris Cooper), a young union organizer who comes to Matewan to buck the bosses. With his strong face and Harrison Ford good-looks, Cooper gives the film its heartbeat...Most notable of the black workers is 'Few Clothes' Johnson (James Earl Jones), a burly good-natured man with a powerful presence and a quick smile. Jones' performance practically glows in the dark. Also a standout is Sayles veteran David Strathairn as the sheriff with quiet integrity who puts his life on the line."

- Union Launches Lock Out Solidarity Fund
- Flying Pickets to visit Synovate clients Tuesday
- Australian unions plan action in Melbourne

The lockout of 30 South Auckland call centre workers continues as they refuse to accept a wage increase that will not even cover the cost of inflation. New Zealand workers are paid the legal minimum wage of NZ$12.50, less than half of the AUS$22 that workers get in Australia. Workers were notified by the company via text that they were locked out on Good Friday and told not to come back to work unless they had quit the union.


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