* Rangimarie- Media Release, 17th April 2009
Declaration Of Intent – He Taki Tapu

Since Governor Hobson took up the offer to come to Tamaki, Maori has shown goodwill.

Over decades and centuries we have tried very hard through the likes of Paora Tuhaere to be part of the governance structure of Auckland in a way that is positive for all people.

It therefore saddens us to be sitting here today once again detailing the disregard a Government has shown Maori. We had thought those days were well and truly over. The relationships we have worked hard to build with local councils and central government are important to us. Therefore it is disheartening to have to once again go back to battle for things that are so simple, so positive and so forward looking.

We participated in the Royal Commission process as did many, many others. The results were delivered and then disregarded. That sounds like
Aotearoa/New Zealand of the past. But while we are disheartened, and saddened that does not mean we will be inactive. We are sending a clear message to our new Prime Minister that we are mightily determined to ensure this super city proposal does not go through into law in its current form.

Our concern extends past ourselves. We are concerned for all of those Aucklanders who believe they will not have solid, meaningful representation on this council body that appears to be more about business than people. And in these days with the economy in the shape it is, perhaps business does not have all the answers that we need. It has an air of sterility that removes the colour of our city.

So coming out of this meeting today there is a determination to lead those Aucklanders who believe this new Super City will disadvantage them and their children.

A delegation of Mana Whenua leaders will be going to Wellington to meet with Prime Minister John Key to voice the collective opposition to the proposed Super City council proposal.

On May 25 there will be a hikoi where Aucklanders from all persuasions can join us to say out loud that this proposal is flawed and will become flawed law if passed. This is the anniversary of the Bastion Point evictions. We will gather in the four corners of Auckland and hikoi, converging at the bottom of Queen Street by 9.30am. From there we will walk to the Town Hall, the symbolic heart of the proposed new council. Here we will hold a free public concert showing the beauty and talent of our people.

In the time until the hikoi we will be gathering support among all disaffected Aucklanders and building a voice that will be loud and strong.
We are hurting, but be assured we are steeled and determined to not stand by and let this happen to our city.

Na, Nga Iwi o Tamaki me nga mata ā waka.
Contact Ngarimu Blair; 027 2790735; 09 336 1683;
ngarimu (at) ngatiwhatuaorakei.com


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