Climate Camp Hui at Parihaka- report back

The Camp for Climate action Aotearoa Gathering brought together activists from across Aotearoa and beyond to Parihaka for an inspiring three days of workshops and collective strategising. Afterwards many people accepted an invite to support a local iwi [Maori community] in their occupation of sacred land designated for destruction by a gas pipe line.

In keeping with the project's aim to build 'A Peoples Movement Addressing the Root Causes of Climate Change' a diverse collection of individuals converged to bring together trade unionists, socialists, permaculturists, direct action focused ecologists, quakers, anti mining campaigners, indigenous pacifica focused activists and Tino Rangatiratanga activists seeking self determination for the indigenous peoples of Aotearoa. This is what a peoples movement should look like and no better place to get one started than at Parihaka, a Maori settlement with an incredible history of resistance to colonialism stretching back to 1840.

We spoke of colonisation, industrial dairy farming, collective denial, wetland destruction for coal mining, emissions trading scams, patriarchy, anthropocentrism, overconsumption fuelled by overproduction, and a myriad of false solutions that are getting in the way of collective confrontation of the root causes of Climate Change. We also spoke of community resiliance, movements from below, indigenous resistance, building bridges between movements, direct democracy, direct action and how the time is right for people to stop looking up to their glorious leaders for answers and start to look across to one another instead. Local groups have been set up all over the country to build the first 'Camp for Climate Action Aotearoa' - target, location and dates TBC.

We have a long way to go on our path to Climate Justice but with a start like this anything is possible!

A Peoples Movement to Address the Root Causes of Climate Change

Movements from Below

Photo op on the way to Otaraua

Occupation Camp at

Gas flaring at


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