Direct action against SH20 Motorway begins

Socialist Aotearoa comrades living in Mount Albert will be supporting local residents in a campaign of direct action against the controversial SH20 Motorway. The project will destroy hundreds of homes, and shows the National Party's contempt for working Aucklanders who were promised their houses would be safe and that a tuneel would be built underneath them.

Socialist Aotearoa argues that the billions of dollars spent on this motorway would be better spent on free and frequent public transport- the problem with gridlock is people using cars- build more motorways and they become instantly congested, merely getting you to the traffic jam quicker.

Direct action and civil disobedience can stop this Raupatu. Parties seeking votes in the local by election such as Labour and the Greens should be asked to physically support future blockades and actions.


Unknown said…
yeah boy that was a fun 20 mins till I had to go, but I'm glad I escaped with the footage as the paddy wagons turned up

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