Mayday sees Europe erupt in riots against the Crisis- Auckland pics and report.

BBC videos HERE

Auckland's Mayday march up Queen Street led by the Wharfies from MUNZ. Staunch trade unionists joined socialists, anarchists, and representatives of oppressed nationalities, but the big unions had a pathetic turnout. No sign of the more prominent union leaders in Auckland.

Socialist unity for a change- WP and SA comrades had joint placards welcoming Migrant Workers and refugees to Aotearoa. Here, comrade J takes it one stage further ;)

The Anti Capitalist Red and Black Blocs were boisterous and noisy. SA also invited along our comrades from the Tamil community, who spread word about the oppression of the Sri Lankan government and made vital union contacts.

Internationalism was the theme of the Anti Capitalists, in response to the shameless scapegoating of migrant workers from the Labour Party's president, Andrew Little, who also heads up the largest Kiwi union, the EPMU.

Labour Party speakers got a deserved heckling, Tamil speakers got a righteous reception. Next year, anti capitalists should organise a serious mobilisation, as the Labour Party's union leaders have patently abdicated building and celebrating this international day of struggle.

Thanks to comrade JD for the awesome pics.
View more HERE at Auckland's new Protest Library.


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