Socialist Aotearoa - Stop the Supercity

Demand the right of Tangata Whenua to elect Maori seats

We stand shoulder to shoulder with Tangata Whenua in demanding directly elected Maori seats on any new governance for Auckland City. It is a disgrace that the National and ACT government have dropped this part of the Royal Commission's proposal. Socialist Aotearoa calls on all Aucklanders to oppose any future governance for our city that does not acknowledge the partnership between the Crown and Maori that is laid out in te Tiriti o Waitangi.

Demand local democracy

The National and ACT government's plans for our city trample on the rights of Maori to elect their own representatives, and remove the democratic rights of people all across Auckland. Throughout the region people have been attending public meetings to raise their anger over the destruction of local councils, and the reduction in locally elected representatives on the new council. Community boards with no fundraising powers will be powerless to represent the views on the lives of the people who elect them It is less than two years since the people of Auckland elected their local councils, but their ability to carry out the projects they have been selected to undertake has now been removed. A Transition Agency has been announced that has sweeping powers to prevent any spending on the projects that matter to the people of our region. The proposed Supermayor will have unfettered executive powers to make policy for the whole region, requiring no local mandate.

No to privatisation, no to service cuts

The government's agenda is clear - to take away local democracy and local services and deliver the whole of the Auckland region into the hands of big business. The announcement that Mark Ford the current head of Watercare will head the Transition Agency should ring loud alarm bells. We need focused opposition to any attempts to use this process to privatise essential utilities or to cut back on services to our communities.

How we can stop them

We should all unite to stop the corporate takeover of our local democracy. The hikoi on 25 May is the first step, and a great chance for all of us to show the government that the people of Auckland oppose their plans. We need to keep up the fight with more protests, public meetings, strikes and direct action to ensure our voice is heard.

One Solution, Revolution!

Socialist Aotearoa is a revolutionary, socialist, anti capitalist group.We support the struggle for Tino Rangatiratanga and self determination for Maori in Aotearoa, fully aware of the bloody history of the New Zealand state's past and the dispossession of Maori today.

The working class movement is the force we believe will change the world. As demonstrated by many mass movements, general strikes and revolutions throughout the decades, it has the power to shut down the system and replace it with a better world based on sharing and direct democracy.

We believe in socialism from below, system change not climate change, and Rosa Luxemburg's battle cry that "Revolutionaries are those who fight the hardest for reforms in the here and now!". Join us now. Kia Kaha!

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