Paula Bennett must go- Protest this Saturday 1pm, 429 Great North Rd, Henderson

Stop Bullying Beneficiaries
Reinstate Training Incentive Allowance now
Paula Bennett must go!

Paula Bennett's onslaught against beneficiaries is a disgrace. Not content with axing the Training Incentive Allowance for people on the Domestic Purposes and Invalids benefits,
The National/ACT government has unleashed a wave of hatred against beneficiaries and declared open season on anyone who dares to challenge their assaults on the working class and poor in our society.

In a year when MPs decided that it was not in the public interest to reveal the details of their own inflated expense claims, it is an outrage that the government thinks it is acceptable to publish the details of the benefit entitlements of single parents who had the courage to speak out over government cuts.

Education is a right
The Training Incentive Allowance is there to enable those least likely to be able to participate in education and pay back student loans the chance to study, with the aim of entering the workforce and getting off benefits. Disabled people and single parents already face huge challenges in getting well paid jobs. Removing the Training Incentive Allowance makes it even less likely that these people will ever be able to escape the poverty trap. The National party's manifesto claimed that "National wants to ensure that New Zealanders from all walks of life are able to pursue their own educational ambitions." Cuts to community and adult education, special education, and the Training Incentive Allowance all show that National only care about education for those who can afford it.

Paula Bennett must go
Paula Bennett is the Minister for Social Development. How can beneficiaries trust her to act in their best interests when she is willing to publish their personal information with blatant disregard for their privacy?

We won't pay for your crisis
This government has shown that it is determined to make the working class pay for the economic crisis. Slashing benefits and public sector jobs is just the start. We need to to fight against all of their attacks. Workers and beneficiaries must unite to stop the cuts. We cannot allow beneficiaries or anyone who speaks out against their attacks to be scapegoated.

Stand up for welfare benefits and education for all
Defend the right to speak out against government cuts

Protest this Saturday 1st August at 1pm to say
"Paula Bennett must go"
429 Great North Road in Henderson


SallyAnne said…
If I lived in Auckland I would surely be there. Ms Bennett has acted dishonourably and not been an advocate for those whose Ministry she oversees and runs. Shame on Ms Bennett for allowing the privacy of two vulnerable and private citizens to be subject to villification in the press and on blogs and message boards across the country. Shame on the National Govt for yet again supporting such actions - I refer to Jenny Shipley's actions in 1995 when she too breached a private citizen's privacy. Shame on the general public for buying into Ms Bennett's tactics of diverting attention from the issue of the TIA. Well done to those who are fighting to highlight the TIA issue ... I hope you are successful.
NZTS said…
I have never attended a protest meeting in my life. However I will be there for this one.

Solo Mum bashing HAS to stop

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