Racist ads- Boycott Hell's Pizza- join the Blockade on Friday night.

The Hell's Pizza outlet on Auckland's Quay Street faces a furious blockade and picket this Friday evening, as the anti racist group Socialist Aotearoa launches a boycott campaign in response to the chain's racist advertising, when they claimed that "at least our brownie won't eat your pet dog".

Socialist Aotearoa protest organiser Tania Lim says-

Speaking as a person of colour, I believe that such advertisements legitimises the negative stereotypes of people of colour, be we brown, yellow, or black. I'm protesting because I am opposed to companies like Hell's Pizza exploiting racism for the purposes of profit. Our message to Hell Pizza management and their smart arsed middle class "ironically racist" advertising idiots is this-

Insult Pacific peoples of Aotearoa at your peril. Expect flashmob protests at your outlets. Prepare to lose a lot of customers who don't agree with your racist insults, "ironic" or otherwise.

And don't tell us to "lighten up". You've already insulted our skin colour once.

Contact Tania at: 0220227672

Racist Humour is Ironic?

Join the Blockade of Hell's Pizza

530pm Friday 28th August
/8 Quay Street, Auckland

Join the Facebook event HERE


Unknown said…
Racism sucks, in what "ironic" form. Give them hell.

In solidarity
Shomi Yoon

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