Massive Busworkers Stopwork Sends Strong Message to INfrat

Hundreds of Busworkers walked off the job and held a massive stopwork meeting in Alexander Park today, as they tore up the pathetic offer from a bullying management in a resounding 608 to 8 vote. The combative mood was high, as this low paid and multi ethnic workforce organised by the National Distribution Union, Akarana, Tramways Union and the Engineering, Printing and Manufacturing Union combined to fight poverty pay-
Socialist Aotearoa members collected 410 signatures for the Unite Union's Campaign for a Living Wage.

What happens next remains to be seen. There is massive support amongst the Busdrivers to fight a greedy company that gets over $88 million of taxpayers money to provide a public transport service, yet uses and loses this money overseas in dodgy investments. Socialist Aotearoa says use it to pay every busworker in Auckland $20 an hour- after all, they carry the most precious cargo of all- working people and their families. And give them their time and a half overtime rates back too!

Socialist Aotearoa will work building solidarity with the Busworkers until they win. Management threats of a lockout will awaken a huge tide of anger and support in Auckland amongst the low paid. Trade unionists should prepare for solidarity collections now.

Victory to the busdrivers!


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