Auckland's Climate Change protest before Copenhagen- Red Bloc

Just over 2,000 people joined the Planet A march against Climate Change today in Auckland, calling for a 40% reduction in emissions by 2020. Socialist Aotearoa went on the march along with other Leftists and unionists as a Red Bloc, and gave out hundreds of leaflets on why climate change can only be stopped with anti capitalist politics. We then helped get over 1,000 signatures for the Campaign of a Living Wage, and most of the protesters made the links between a system that exploits workers and exploits our planet.

TVNZ footage HERE
TV3 footage HERE


Dougal said…
Great photos from a vital rally.

We're building for our demonstration demanding action on Climate Change next Saturday, and I'll be proud to show comrades here photos of unionists and leftists marching over the same issue in Aotearoa.

Solidarity from Tokyo.


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