$15ph not 15% GST- NO LOVE FOR WORKERS nationwide protests this Saturday.

Nationwide protests and pickets will target National MPs offices this Saturday, as anger spreads across the country at GST increases and a low minimum wage. The wave of action has been called by the Campaign for a Living Wage, which has gathered nearly 100,000 signatures supporting a Citizens Inititaed Referendum to raise the minimum wage now to $15 per hour, a move supported by over 61% of Kiwis, according to polls.

"The working poor are not stupid, and if the Government continue to attack us, National Mps shouldn't be surprised they'll be targetted for public shaming and ridicule in their local communities" said Campaign Organiser Joe Carolan.
"First the government threw 25 cents at those struggling to get by on the minimum wage, and now, a week later, they've hiked GST up another 2.5%. This will mean that the half a million workers earning less than $15 per hour now will be worse off, not to count the 150,000 dependent on benifits".

"This Valentine's Day, we thought John Key was just a cheap date. Tax cuts for workers- yeah, right- this government is putting the boot into the poorest workers whilst giving tax cuts to its rich mates. There is no Love for the Workers from this Government.

Details of local actions being updated as info comes in HERE

pickets so far in-

Whangarei this Saturday, 12noon to 1pm,
outside Phil Heatley's office, cnr Deveron Street and Hatea Drive.

Auckland Central- Nicky Kay's Office
82 College Hill
Freemans Bay 1011

Waitakare- Paula Bennett's Office
429 Great North Road, Henderson- 12noon
(join the campaign stall before hand from 10am at Henderson mall)

Hamilton East National MP David Bennett
510 Grey Street,(Corner Grey and Bridge Streets) at 12 noon

Dunedin Picket: March and Picket of National Office,
leaves the Octagon 1.30pm, Sat 13 Feb

Christchurch - Sat 13th Feb from 10 am to 12 noon, outside Nicky Wagner's Christchurch Office at 189 Montreal St - opposite South City Mall.

Saturday Feb 13. National MP for Otago Jacqui Dean's office is 42 Thames St, Oamaru. See you there! 11.25-3.25.

Whanganui assemble at Majestic Square
11-30am Saturday 13th feb.

Txt Joe at 029 44 55 702
organised by the Campaign for a Living Wage.


Anonymous said…
Report on Christchurch protest on UNITYblog (feel free to post here too if you want).


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