Stop the Bashing- Protest at Paula Benefit's Office

Beneficiaries and workers unite against this rotten government

Stop National’s attacks on Benefits

Unite for a Living Income Now

Protest outside Paula Bennett’s office, 429 Great North Rd, Henderson Saturday 11 am , 27th March

The National Government plans to force all single mothers into part time work, once their children are six. Those on Unemployment benefit who fail work tests will have their benefits halved or stopped. Sickness benefits are to be re-assessed and hardship grants are to be tightened. All benefits are to be stopped after one year and must be re applied for.

These measures show a “disturbing lack of empathy” towards those who cannot work or who can only work part time while on a benefit” (Child Poverty Action Group). It is simply not appropriate for all mothers on the DPB to be forced into outside work when their child reaches a particular age. Mothering is work, and must be fully supported by society. Family needs vary and it must be the mother’s decision when she undertakes paid work.

The attacks upon benefits are part of the governments agenda make its capitalist friends rich at our expense. In a time of rising unemployment it is absurd to bring in measures that force beneficiaries to work in order to qualify for a benefit. It’s work for the dole by another name.
The government is trying to to whip up sexist ,racist , beneficiary -bashing sentiments; to get support for its greedy and heartless attacks upon our livelihoods. It tries to divide the “deserving” poor-eg widows, against the “undeserving “eg single mothers.

It is also trying to divide non beneficiaries (those who rely on paid work as their main income) against beneficiaries (those whose main source of income is a benefit). In fact our interests are the same: we all need living incomes-whether in the form of wages, benefits, accommodation supplements; student allowances, pensions, etc or any combination of these.

When benefits go up, so do wages. We need to support each other in our struggles. Most workers rely on some kinds of state support these days; and most beneficiaries work-whether paid or unpaid.

  • Workers and Beneficiaries Unite
  • for a Living Income for All
  • Raise the Minimum Wage to at least $15 per hour
  • Raise all Benefits to a living income
  • Say no to punitive Benefit Threats and Cuts
  • End Child poverty NOW
  • Say No to youth rates
  • We won’t pay for their crisis
  • Make the bosses pay

Janet Bogle Acting President Unite Waitemata Branch


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