The Waihopai Three: Standing up to war and terror

“Aiders, abetters and apologists for those nasty nutters dedicated to the overthrow of the West” (Michael Laws). “The same sort of confident certainty” as Bush and Blair (The Dominion Post): abuse and vilification like this from the right wing shows peace activists Adrian Leason, Father Peter Murnane and Sam Land have deflated more than a satellite dish. They’ve also struck at the shroud of secrecy surrounding the Waihopai Spy Base’s contribution to the US’s wars. They’ve frightened the rich and powerful by taking a stand and, through their trial, have taken the reality of war back into the media.

Their acquittal in Wellington last week should give heart to everyone opposed to war and state terror.

The Ploughshares campaigners, in the words of Adrian Leason, "broke a law protecting plastic to uphold a law to protect human life". They were right to do so. You can find out more about the Anti-Bases Campaign here.

The great US historian and activist Howard Zinn once wrote that the problem was civil obedience, not civil disobedience. As the US occupation of Afghanistan – and its NZ support – enters another year, his words are still relevant.

Socialist Aotearoa salutes Adrian Leason, Peter Murnane and Sam Land for their moral courage. The struggle against the war continues.


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