Women's Liberation Today

Women's Liberation Today- a Socialist Aotearoa forum

With Nicola Owen, Robin Taylor Lyons and Jane Ferguson

8pm, this Thursday March 4th
Tom Forde's Political Museum
122 Anzac Avenue, Auckland.

Monday is International Women’s Day. It’s a chance to assess the struggles in the past and those yet to come.

We are constantly bombarded with the message that women “have it all” and no longer need to fight for anything better.

The gains of the women’s liberation movement in the 1970s brought real progress.

Over 49 percent of women now go to university, compared with 37 percent of men.

Abortion rights are now seen as fundamental among the majority of people and women make up half of the workforce.

But politicians and the right wing keep on attacking women’s right to choose.

And women continue to be stereotyped and treated as if they are worth less than men.

After years of legislation on equal pay, women are still earning over 17 percent less than men.

We need to challenge every manifestation of women’s oppression.

Women are most powerful as workers. Thousands of women in the PCS union will be fighting for jobs and services next week.

And women have been at the forefront of the strike wave in Greece.

Fighting along these class—not gender—lines is essential if we are to achieve socialism and true women’s liberation.

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