Stop Bullying and Exploitation of Chinese Workers

Hollywood Bakery largely employs Chinese workers. There have been complaints about low pay, bullying and exploitation. Some workers report they have not had proper holiday pay, sick pay or secure hours.

We want to send this company a message.

Respect your workers- pay them what they are worth.
Any incidents where a worker was not properly paid for hours done will be investigated and pursued. You will be liable for backpay for all holidays and hours not properly paid for.

Bullying of workers is unacceptable. Workers are entitled to proper procedures and representation.

We will protest this Saturday at 1pm at
Hollywood Bakery
Atrium on Elliot Foodcourt, F1,
Elliot ST, City

then move to
Hollywood Bakery, 54 High St

Hollywood Bakery, 38 Wyndham St

Called by the NZ Chinese Workers Association
Supported by Socialist Aotearoa and the Unite Union

Facebook event HERE


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