The National Party government has announced major attacks on workers rights and on Unions ability to represent them. Any worker can now be fired in the first 90 Days of employment without reason. A worker must now be able to provide official proof if they are sick for one day off work. Union organisers will not be able to visit unionised sites without the premission of employers. Minister for Employment Kate Wilkinson said sh...e wants to return more "control" to the employer.

This coming Wednesday, there will be a major rally in Auckland University to launch a campaign of resistance against these cuts. Matt McCarten, General Secretary of Unite, will be joined by Sue Bradford- fighter for the rights of the unemployed, Karl Andersen, Assistant General Secretary of the NDU, and Chris Trotter- Political Commentator and author of No Left Turn.

The rally will bring together union delegates and members, Left wing activists and students, and will plan a series of direct action responses to the bosses and the Government.

This is the Employment Contracts Act of our Generation.
We won't be defeated.

hosted by Unite on Campus (Auckland)

7pm Weds 28th July
Lecture Theatre B28,
Library Basement,

University of Auckland

Facebook event HERE


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