Socialist Aotearoa and unionists bust in to the Party

Socialist Aotearoa activists, anarchists and unionists led an audacious gatecrash of the Tory Party conference. The Police quickly repelled this attack with punching and kicking, but not before the Tory's were locked into their own conference as Key smugly outlined the new attacks on working people.

Well done to all those comrades who took the struggle to the enemy's gates this morning. But there was around 500 protestors outside, where were they all when Sue Bradford was going all 1990s Asian Development Bank protest-style and charging through the lines? If all 500 had tried to take the doors there would have been no probs breaking through. Instead the hard core was isolated and outmanouvered by thick lines of the constabulary.

"Eat your pork, drink your wine. Your days are numbered Tory swine!"

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Check out John Darroch's photos here.


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