Song for the Free Gaza Flotilla

2,000 tonnes of food and medicine are aboard a Greek ship currently heading to the waters off Gaza to break the blockade. Israel's massacre on the Mavi Mamara hasn't dimmed the spirits of those fighting Israel's brutal occupation and seige of Palestine, as activists across the world join forces to encircle the apartheid regime.

Just last week an English jury gave a verdict of not-guilty to activists who "decommissioned" a weapons factory in Brighton,

On 16 January 2009, in the midst of Israel's relentless bombing of Gaza, six of the defendants broke into the premises of EDO MBM, a supplier of weapons components. According to one of the defendants, Elijah Smith, they "set out to smash it up to the best of our abilities." Two activists who supported them outside the factory gates were also put on trial for "conspiracy to cause criminal damage"

In the United States 1,000 people blockaded an Israeli ship for 24hours in Oakland port while dock workers refused to cross picketlines.

Senan Khairy, a Palestinian-American activist at the protest, explained, "It's something to go down in the books that we stopped Israeli ships from docking in Oakland. This is a huge success to the movement."

Ramas Rafeedie, another Palestinian-American activist at the protest, said, "I mean, it's great, it's going to mobilize the divest movement. This gives a real big boost to the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement against Israel. This is very important."

Nine people died attempting to lift the siege of Gaza and their deaths have woken many to the critical importance of continuing solidarity with the Palestinian people. Activist songwriter David Rovics, touring New Zealand next month has now written a Song for the Mavi Mamara, available online here along with the rest of his music, including new songs about oil spills, European riots and freedom fighters.

All aboard the Mavi Marmara, sailing towards Goliath's kingdom armed with nothing but a stone,
All aboard the Mavi Mamara tell the children of Jerusalem you are not alone.


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