Burger Fuel to cease using 90 Day Fire at Will law

Burger Fuel to cease using 90 Day Fire at Will law

Two weeks ago the Unite Union gathered to protest at BurgerFuel Mission Bay against the termination of the local franchisee's employee, Joanne Bartlett, on the 89th day of her 90 day trial period. Nationwide protests organised by the newly formed Solidarity.org.nz network were due to take place today, Saturday.

Following this event Unite have been in discussions with the BurgerFuel head office to discuss the employment agreements used across the system and also the particulars of Joanne's situation.

Unite is pleased to advise that those discussions have progressed positively and that to date BurgerFuel have demonstrated a willingness to improve their probationary period processes and to cease using the current 90 day trial period provisions.

To this end, both parties are currently working on a revised Individual Employment Agreement that will allow fairer processes for the employees. It is BurgerFuel's intention to provide this new Employment Agreement to their franchisees for use in all stores across the nation.

Unite Union is pleased with the commitment from BurgerFuel CEO, Josef Roberts who said “Now that these matters have been brought to my attention in full detail, we believe that Unite Union's requests are fair and reasonable and in fact, will help our Franchisees improve their employment culture and work environment"

Unite Union's Campaign organiser, Joe Carolan, said-

"BurgerFuel has really come to the table on this one and listened to the people. We're pleased with the outcome for Joanne. But more than that, we're impressed that management have understood how the National government's proposed 90 Days fire at will legislation will impact negatively on New Zealand's workers. They've resolved to reject this divisive law and find a better way. Sometimes, there is a happy ending. We hope that many other companies and employers out there will take note. That includes you, John Key."

An update will be forthcoming in the next two to three weeks, however, we now feel that BurgerFuel understands the position of the Unite Union and accordingly the proposed BurgerFuel nationwide protest action by the Solidarity network for today Saturday September 4th will not take place.


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