Ending rainforest destruction - direct action at Fonterra

Earlier this morning Greenpeace activists announced,

Greenpeace activists have barricaded the entrance to Fonterra’s corporate headquarters in Princes St, Auckland.

The (1.8 high x 2.4 metre long) barricade has large TV screens built into it, which are delivering shocking scenes from the expansion of the currently unsustainable palm industry into the rainforests of South East Asia. Fonterra buys its palm kernel animal feeds from this industry. A Greenpeace New Zealand-led team was arrested and detained for 23 hours in East Kalimantan, Indonesia, last Sunday (September 19 – 20) while documenting this expansion. The memory cards and tapes from their cameras were wiped, in an effort to censor what the team had witnessed. But the team had already sent some vision back to New Zealand. Those images are included in the video being played out of the barricade. The Greenpeace team is also this morning moving through Fonterra’s offices, handing out information to staff, and installing speakers inside the building’s lifts, each of which have a recorded message addressing Fonterra’s staff .

This is very audacious and aggressive direct action protest. The type of activism that is desperately needed, especially when,

Deforestation in Indonesia is driving climate change and pushing endangered species like the orang-utan to the brink of extinction. Twelve months after Fonterra’s connection to the palm industry was exposed by the ‘Sunday Star Times’ and Greenpeace, the dairy giant has strengthened its association with the clearing of Indonesia’s rainforests by increasing imports of palm kernel to feed its dairy herd.

Indonesia is the third largest polluter of greenhouse gases in the world because of rainforest clearance. New Zealand corporations like Fonterra and wood and furniture retailers that import Kwila are destroying the planet by fuelling rainforest destruction in Indonesia.

Good on those Greenpeace activists today and let's keep the pressure on climate criminals and the National Party to stop fuelling rainforest destruction in south-east Asia.


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