Victory to the Egyptian Revolution- Auckland Protest today at 3pm

Protestors supporting the Revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt will gather later today at the US Consulate in Customs Street, Auckland at 3pm, in solidarity with the hundreds of thousands of people who took to the streets to overthrow their corrupt, Western backed governments.

Egyptian democracy activist and protest organiser Mohammed Hassan, from Heliopolis in Egypt, said-

"This is a time for solidarity and a time for unity. The people of Egypt are taking their country back with their own hands, and we as activists and as Egyptians feel that we need to be a part of this historic moment, and we give all we can, our voices."

"The chants of the protestors in all areas of the country are echoing what has been in the hearts and minds of Egyptians for decades: the desperate need for change, democracy and freedom, and from the live broadcasts from within the country, we can see that the people do not have any intention of stopping until their demands are met. Across Cairo and Alexandria, people have come out in the hundreds of thousands. Even in smaller towns and districts, people are flooding to the streets to protest what they feel they've been asking for and going unheard for years now, both by the Mubarak regime and by the international community."

"And as the hours pass, more and more reports of protesters driving back riot police, taking control of police stations and government offices. There looks to be no stopping a people once they have tasted the strength of their own voices."

"What is most astounding is how united the entire country has become. Only weeks after the devastating church bombings and tensions between Christians and Muslims, people are now marching the streets as only one thing: Egyptians."

Co-organiser of the protest, Joe Carolan from left wing group Socialist Aotearoa, said-

"The dictators of the Arab world should quake in their boots. The Israeli oppressors of the people of Gaza and Palestine should be extremely worried. From Tunisia to Yemen, the workers and the poor of the Arab Street are rising up in revolution. The historic courage and bravery of the Egyptian people yesterday has inspired millions of people across the world to fight back. NOw, hopefully, the fall of the Mubarak regime is not far off, and the Liberation of Palestine can begin".

A larger protest is also organised for next Saturday Feb 5th, starting at 2pm in Aotea Square in Auckland. Both protests are supported by Global Peace and Justice Auckland, Students for Justice in Palestine, Socialist Aotearoa and the Union movement.

For further information contact-

Joe Carolan- 021 186 1450
Muhamed Hassan from Heliopolis, 021 0221 7607


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