Workers strike at SkyCity Casino- 2011, the Year of the Living Wage

TVNZ News story- video HERE

At 12.34am, to the boom and flash of thousands of fireworks, hundreds of workers organised by SEA-Unite and the SFWU, walked off the job and voted for strike action. They defied management threats to trespass them from the property, marching up to the front door and forming a picket line before a line of hired hands. Management was forced to hire hundreds of casual dealers inside- all at time and a half rates- reports that their inexperience at the table games also cost the company dearly!

Throughout New Year's Day, other shifts of workers at the 24/7 site walked out and voted for strike action, rejecting the company's pathetic 3% over 3 years, $8 per shift for the World Cup deal. Many workers have said that this is also not just about the dollars and ccents- that they are sick of the endless bullying, intimidation and lack of respect coming from the Soprano style management.

The struggle at Skycity will be a long one. The workers will strike tactically, without warning, at times where it hurts the company most. Their battle should inspire other low paid workers throughout Aotearoa and the world to join in the struggle. 2011 will be the Year of the Living Wage in New Zealand. It's time to organise and to strike back!


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