This Saturday, join the march in Solidarity with the Egyptian Revolution- Appeal for international solidarity

Appeal for international solidarity- from the Cairo Conference

To all the peoples of the world… To the hundreds of thousands who demonstrated against capitalist globalization and neo-liberalism… To the millions who came out against war and imperialism… To the world’s workers and toilers… To the free writers, intellectuals and artists of the world… To all the people with free conscience … We call upon you to act in all possible ways to salvage the leading forces of the Egyptian revolution in Al-Tahrir Square in Cairo… A massacre is being prepared now… Thousands of thugs and under-cover policemen are being mobilized under the supervision of the butcher Mubarak and the leading figures of his regime. They are now attacking the demonstrators… They are now throwing Molotov cocktails and tear gas bombs against the peaceful demonstrators… There are now 500 injured people… And there is confirmed information that the thugs will attack the square en masse late at night after turning of the lights in the area. They intend to perpetrate a massive massacre… We call upon all the honest people to act in all ways… Demonstrate at once… Spread the news of the massacre in all the corners of the world… Press your MPs and politicians and all the free civil society organizations to take decisive positions… long live the Egyptian revolution… Long live the international solidarity

نداء للتضامن الأممي
إلى كل شعوب العالم.. إلى مئات الآلاف التي خرجت لمقاومة العولمة الرأسمالية والليبرالية الجديدة.. إلى الملايين التي خرجت لمناهضة الحروب والإمبريالية.. إلى عمال وكادحي العالم.. إلى الكتاب والمثقفين والفنانين والأدباء الأحرار........ إلى كل أصحاب الضمائر الحية.. نناشدكم التحرك بكل الصور الممكنة لإنقاذ طلائع الثورة المصرية في ميدان التحرير بالقاهرة.. الآن تدبر مذبحة للمتظاهرين.. الآن يحتشد الآلاف من البلطجية ورجال الشرطة السريين – تحت إشراف السفاح حسني مبارك وأركان نظامه – ويقومون بمهاجمة المتظاهرين.. الآن هم يلقون قنابل المولوتوف والغازات المسيلة للدموع على المتظاهريين السلميين.. هناك 500 جريح حتى الآن.. وهناك أخبار شبه مؤكدة أن البلطجية سيهاجمون الميدان في جنح الظلام بعد إطفاء الأنوار للقيام بمذبحة واسعة النطاق.. ندعو كل الشرفاء إلى التحرك بكل الطرق...
بالتظاهر الفوري.. بنشر الخبر في كل أنحاء العالم.. بمطالبة البرلمانيين والساسة وكل منظمات المجتمع المدني الحرة باتخاذ مواقف

Rally and March to support the Egyptian Uprising

2pm, Saturday 5th February,
Aotea Square, Auckland Central.

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Hundreds of thousands of protesters have taken to the streets of Egypt for the last week calling on President Hosni Mubarak to step d...own after his 30 year autocratic rule. The protesters have been met with extreme violence and police brutality, over 200 have been killed and hundreds injured. Mubarak is still refusing to listen to his people who marched in the millions on Tuesday demanding change, instead; he has vowed to finish his term in office. The Egyptian people have spoken and it is time for Mubarak to go.

In the face of the brutality of the Egyptian police and the callousness of the US imperialists, we need to urgently show our solidarity with the Egyptian people and to demand that the US end its military support to its puppet dictators that, without a doubt, would not survive a minute without this support. The revolutions in North Africa show that peace and freedom in the Middle East is possible and that no superpower, US or Israel, can stop a population that have decided to struggle without end for liberation.

This rally in Auckland will begin at Aotea Square and end with a march down Queen Street. This is going to be a peaceful show of support for the Egyptian people as well as a tribute to their efforts in demanding freedom and democracy. This is also to demonstrate to John Key and the US Ambassador that the people of New Zealand are on the side of democracy with the Egyptian people and not with the dictator Hosni Mubarak.

John Key openly supports the Mubarak regime, the recipient of the second largest amount of US military aid after Israel, which murders and tortures its own citizens. Key's position is an embarrassment to those who believe that democracy and freedom are not platitudes but values and ideals to fight for.

This march is supported by The Egyptian Community of Auckland, The Unite Union, Socialist Aotearoa, Global Peace and Justice Auckland, Students for Justice in Palestine, Palestine Human Rights Campaign and Keith Locke, Green MP.

Egyptian Revolutionary Socialist Hossan El Hamalawy speaking about the EGyptian Working Class Struggle


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