MayDay 2011: Report from a high school alternative ideology club

An abridged report from a 16 year old socialist in an east Auckland high school

It is a difficult task, to get adolescents interested in their working rights. Although we continue to train the new generation of workers in their worth, to not simply accept it as normality when their working rights are ripped out from underneath them before they have even started working.

However having said this, the Alternative Ideology Club did not simply appear out of nothing. It is the product of the better part of three long years of attempting to establish a dissident club at a high school.

Originating from three founding members and our interest in forming a left organisation in our east Auckland high school, to assist the future working class and raise awareness about the absolutely criminal system known as capitalism. However we ran into problems when the school's deputy principal denied our right to organise it.

Undeterred we appealed on the grounds that why were muslims allowed a club in the school and socialists aren't. He relented and with the help of our Year 11 english teacher, who agreed to be our staff mediator, we held our first meeting in March. It was a great success as we recieved a lot of new members, a lot of attention and have even managed to get people thinking!
- George, SA Auckland


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