Another Boss Bites the Dust...

Giving Alasdair Thompson and the EMA the tampon finger

Employers and Manufacturers Association Boss Alasdair Thompson has been sacked today, after justifying lower pay for women because they had monthly periods. Socialist Aotearoa joined equal pay activists last week in pelting the bosses HQ with tampons, and supporting Unite Union's national day of action for "Equal Pay for Equal Work", opposing the reintroduction of youth rates. Thompson had blamed the public outrage against him on the socialists, so this head joins Paul Henry up on the Trophy Wall at SAHQ ;)

The pressure on the EMA and the businesses it organises should be maintained, until they drop all plans to introduce youth rates, and pay equity for women is a workplace fact. Women in New Zealand still earn 12% less than men in many industries, and face huge discrimination and bullying on a daily basis. Childcare, maternity leave and pay are all still woefully inadequate.

The sacking of this dinosaur should embolden all activists fighting for workplace equality to redouble our efforts. No youth rates, pay equity for women. Or as we chanted when we pelted his building with tampons-

"Alasdair Thompson, you're a jerk- equal pay for equal work."


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